Chelsea Capital Limited is a company that provides project related services including Management, Consultancy and Funding, particularly for large infrastructure and commercial Government projects. Chelsea Capital Limited has its head office in London (UK), with our Board Members, Staff and Agents being located across the Europe, China, Asia and Middle East.

Chelsea Capital Limited offers a wealth of experience in Energy & Financial sector and has a range of specialized advisory services for Government, SME, Corporate and Private Clients.

Our services are suitable for all types of government Infrastructure Projects in either Greenfield and Brownfield including Oil / Gas Exploration , Building Refineries, oil / gas pipe line and Storage Tanks, Sea Ports, Airports (MRO), Railway (Mono Rail and Metro Rail) , Road, Bridges, Highways, and Tunnel, Water and Sanitation Utilities, Power Projects etc.

We work on EPC plus funding model for any government projects up to $ 10 billion. Projects can be either BOT (Build, Operate, transfer) or PPP (Public Private Partnership) and EPC plus funding model as well. We have strong cooperation with state owned companies from China and UK as our major clients and partners.

We have experience and can offer expertise in development of Smart Cities with the state of the art infrastructure connected with the latest technologies from around the world. We can provide renewable energy solution in Solar and home lighting systems along with wireless power transmission.

When required we can also customize and structure our products and services to meet the specific needs of our clients. We will continue to customise structure, create and implement funding products and services as the need requires.

Chelsea Capital Limited has made strategic alliances with several organizations and companies which has given us access to international markets in Europe, China, Asia, & Middle East regions.

This has given Chelsea Capital a substantial foundation of clients to build on, in addition to access to the markets that are most in need of the products and services we offer.


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Integrated infrastructure plays a key role in planning a city. Infrastructures have a massive impact on the economy and thus development is scaled on infrastructural growth. Robust infrastructure endures services like health, safety, education and recreation.Real estate is a high potential market equipped with proper tools for modern infrastructure. Manufracture.

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We have state owned companies where we can do exploration of oil and gas project,development of refineries, storage tanks, L&G terminals and laying gas and all pipes.
We do trade in oil and gas

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LED Street light with solar panel is the best solution for minimizing electrical power consumption from hydroelectric power stations so far available.Several state of India undertakes the LED lighting projects widely. Therefore, it will open up a huge business opportunity for the local LED industry.With so many advantages and potential applications, LED is sure to succeed in large markets such as India.

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With growing urbanisation and the challenges of climate change, cities now have a responsibility for urbane harmony and to create a better and healthier life for people living in these cities.

Chelsea Capital Limited is now building smart cities to tackle these issues. These intelligent cities will encompass the following :-

  • Zero Emissions.
  • Water circulation systems.
  • Classification and recycling of waste.
  • Soil restoration and regeneration.
  • Venous Industrial park.
  • Superior construction work.
  • Solar power storage grid.