ORICO W5PH4 - U32 Hub

About this Product

ORICO W5PH4-U32 Hub, the one that we made effort to create is convenient for transferring your data by high-speed, expanding your USB port and saving your time. USB3.0 Port reaching up to 5Gbps transfer speeds, so you canexchange data between your devices in an unprecedented way, you can choose different ports depend on your external device. Exquisite craftsmanship with a unique texture allows you to enjoy data transmission while experiance the perfect quality.


Product No: ORICO W5PH4-U32 Hub
Dimention: 107(L)*32(W)*24(H) mm
Color: Black / White
Material: ABS
Supported Device: Compatible with USB3.0 and downword
Compatible with USB3.0 and Connector

Take out W5PH4-U32, and connectto your laptops or Desktop by inserting a Type-A data cable of this product, till the indicator lights up, as the picture shows.

Emergency Lamp

About this Product

More stable and long services life.the lamp is 5w that brightness is equal to the ordinary energy saving lamps 26w.standard USB interface can be access any power outlet. Suitable for use: Dorms ,night market, camping outdoors, home outage.


  • Type: 5w6W
  • Size: width 60mm, height 123mm, length of electric wire 111cm.
  • Light angle: >180
  • Light color: White
  • Input Voltage:6V

Product Features:

  • MCU dimming function .Three-way switch button: strong light, dim light, SOS function.
  • Equipped with concealed hook,NdFeB magnet & sling ,applicable to a variety of installation.
  • Super bright SMD2835 LED’s, soft light beam, no glare.
  • Built-in 3.7V, 2600mAh/4000m Lithium battery with 6Hrs working time.
  • USB Micro Dc inlet for lamp charging.
  • Solar panel is optional.
  • USB output 5V 0.7A for cell phone charging.
  • Smart drive inside, overvoltage & over current IC protection to ensure safety.
  • Aluminium +PC+ABS materials, compact & sturdy style.


  • Emergency Lighting study room, bedroom, and dormitory.
  • Portable Lighting: camping, hiking, outdoor cycling, fishing.
  • Alert/Warning Lighting: road warning, SOS for help, out mobile examining & repairing.


Product Name Multi-functional Portable
LED Lamp A 2/ B 2
Multi-functional Portable
LED Lamp A2/B2
Power 5W 8W
Input Voltage DC5V DC5V
Size 32*32*220mm 32*32*220mm
Lumen 400lm 640lm
CCT 8000k 8000k
LED(chip) 51pcs SMD2835 75pcs SMD2835
CRI 80Ra 80Ra
Battery Capacity 2600mAh 4000mAh
Working Time 6Hrs 6Hrs
Charging Time 4Hrs 6Hrs


  • When you use adopter or computer for the lamp charging insert USB micro intel into the interface of lam,it will show red indicator while charging, when the indicator turns green light,it indicates that the lamp is fully charged, charging time need 4Hrs/6Hrs.
  • Solar panel is optional, photovoltaic new energy, eco-friendly.
  • To use the switch button, press it and modes in turn is : strong light, dim light,SOS,stop(off).
  • Please remember o charge this lamp before using it for the first time. if it is not used for a long time, then it’s necessary to charge & discharge every three months.
  • Do not use it under hot humid environment or to be exposed to the rain to avoid damage.
  • Do not let your eyes close to the light beam, so as to avoid visual impairment.
  • Please do not put this product close to the fire,high temperature may couse explosion & combustion.
  • In the absence of professiana; and technical personnel,do not repair it or change the battery by yourself Please return it to the manufacture or find professionals for handling.
  • When the LED brightness dim during working, the battery is in a completely discharging state. To protect the battery, please stop using and remember to recharge it in time.

Charging Method:

  • LED Tube*1 2.USB Cable*1
  • Sling*1, 4. User Manual*1